Goodie Nation | Goodie Innovation [ECON DEV]: Atlanta x Q3 + Q4 2016
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Inspired by Google’s X Moonshot Factory, we created Goodie Innovation – a six-month tech social impact hybrid incubator + accelerator designed to launch technologies that help raise basic need averages of under-served communities up to their respective country’s national average by combining contributions from passionate and committed people, subject-matter experts and skilled professionals. With help from a Community Partners grant by Google, the Atlanta Fall 2016 Cohort concentrated on economic development with the goal of producing tech social enterprises that to connect people living/working in areas affected by gentrification to emerging nearby economic opportunities.

At Goodie Nation, we run toward hard problems with a sense of urgency because real people continue to suffer each daily until the problems are solved. We use tech startup entrepreneurship philosophies and methodologies, combined with culturally-relevant tactics, to create change. Like Google X, we aim for 10x impact because suffering is not acceptable to us. Join our tribe as we make things happen.


Gentrification is a general term for the arrival of wealthier people in an existing urban district, a related increase in rents and property values, and changes in the district’s character and culture. It is a sign of economic growth. As money begins to flow into a neighborhood, many aspects of everyday life are changed for the better. Buildings and parks are renovated and beautified. Jobs arrive with the increased construction activity and new retail and service businesses. Crime rates decline. As the property tax base increases, so does funding to local public schools. There are many things to applaud about the power of gentrification.

Atlanta is the fifth-most gentrified city in America, but unfortunately, the benefits of these changes are often enjoyed disproportionately by the new arrivals, while the established residents and businesses find themselves left out of the economic picture with billions of dollars at stake. And this scenario is playing out all over this country at a rapid rate.

:: Links With More Details ::

+ Background data on this challenge here

+ Access Presentation from 8/16 Challenge Insight Panel

  • July 15: Hack Mob @ SMASH Pathways

    Rising 9th graders give their moonshot ideas for technology to solve housing problems.

  • August 4: Founders' Therapy @ NEX ATLANTA

    Entrepreneurs vent over how lack of economic opportunities makes it hard to pay the bills.

  • August 16: Insight Panel @ General Assembly

    Subject-matter experts share key insights + trends on the issue of gentrification economics.

  • Sept 10: Goodie Ideation @ Atlanta Tech Village

    Design thinking lab where teams generate tech ideas to solve gentrification economic problems

  • Sept 17: Goodie Ideation For College Students

    College students generate tech ideas to solve gentrification economic problems.

  • Oct 14-16: Goodie Hack @ TechSquare Labs

    Developers, designers, etc. build prototypes for the best ideas from Goodie Ideation.

  • Nov 18-20: Goodie Mktg @ TechSquare Labs

    Creatives & marketers make the prototypes look beautiful + create strategies to attract users.

  • January 12 2017: Demo Day

    All teams present their completed products to audience of industry experts + community leaders.

Key Details

August 1st: Applications to Start a Team Opens

August 4th: Founders’ Therapy: Livin’ Ramen Profitable

August 16th: Challenge Insight Panel

August 22nd: Goodie Hack Registration Opens

September 9th: Applications Close to Start a Team

September 10th: Goodie Ideation for Professionals @ Atlanta Tech Village

September 17th: Goodie Ideation for College Students @ Morehouse College (Open To All College Students)

September 23rd: All teams from Goodie Ideation Notified About Advancement

October 7th: Deadline for Teams to Form a Legal Company

October 8th: Goodie Hack Pitch Preparation

October 14th – 16th: Goodie Hack @ TechSquare Labs

November 3rd: Founders’ Therapy

November 18th – 20th: Goodie Marketing @ TechSquare Labs

January 12th 2017: Demo Day @ The Gathering Spot

We are a tribe of everyday people, changemakers, and entrepreneurs using innovation to help under-served communities. And there’s a role for everyone. Here’s how you can help out:


Starting a Team: Become a part of a founding team, and launch your own tech social impact startup
Skills-Based Volunteering: Contribute your technical or creative talent to a team during Goodie Hack or Goodie Marketing
Coaching: Entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and creatives can provide advice to the teams during Goodie Ideation, Hack, & Marketing
Mentoring: Experienced entrepreneurs are matched with a team for weekly communication and guidance toward launch
Subject-Matter Expert: Help a team with the deeper details of specific aspects of gentrification
Donate: Help us expand capacity by make a tax-deductible donation today
Spread The Word: Share the word about programs and related events through social media, email, text, etc.
Observe An Event: Simply come out and witness all of the change taking place
Educate Your Network: Make your friends aware of the challenge and related background information


Financially Sponsor: it takes about $10,000 to launch one company from our process, and we’d like to partner with your company to make it happen!
Venue Sponsor: provide a venue for our panels, hackathons, smaller events, or demo day
Food/Drink Sponsor: provide meals, snacks, and/or beverages for our participants and attendees
Prize Sponsor: provide prizes for our individuals and teams participating in the competitive events
Community Partner: help spread the word about programs and related events
Challenge Sponsor: support our process with deep subject-matter expertise

Learn more about becoming a sponsor here.

We’re looking for groups of talented + committed people that want to turn an idea on how to solve a problem around gentrification economic inclusion to reality by January 2017.


Individuals, non-profits, and companies are eligible to apply, and there’s no cost to be in the program.

[How The Process Works]

Our Process is like a hackathon stretched out over a few months, and there are four (4) major phases to it:

Phase 1: Talented and committed people/businesses apply to start a team. No coding, entrepreneur, or subject-matter experience is needed – though it helps. However, we strongly recommend applying with a pre-formed team of 2-3 people total instead of going at this solo.

Phase 2: Those selected will participate in awesome Goodie Ideation creative lab where we help teams generate big, moonshot ideas to solve a specific problem to gentrification economic inclusion. The version for professionals is on September 10th, and the one for college students is on September 17th. Attendance is mandatory.

Phase 3: The best ideas from Goodie Ideation will be selected to move onto Goodie Hack where prototypes will be built by developers, designers, product managers, etc.

Phase 4: All teams from Goodie Hack will move onto Goodie Marketing will designers, creatives, marketers, strategists, etc. will make the prototypes beautiful, and will generate branding and communications strategies.

In between the phases, there will be small assignments and networking events to attend.

[What We Provide]

Coaching: Each team receives 1-2 accomplished entrepreneurs who served as dedicated coaches to support building your product and organization.
Advisors: Each team will get matched with 1 subject-matter expert in their area of gentrification economics
Technical Resources: During Goodie Hack, skills-based volunteers will build a prototype of each team’s ideas.
Creative Resources: During Goodie Marketing, skills-based volunteers will create designs for each team’s prototype.
Marketing Resources: During Goodie Marketing, skills-based volunteers will come up with communication and user acquisition strategies each team’s prototypes.
Access to Long-Term Talent: You’ll have the chance to recruit the technical and marketing volunteers from your team (or others) to continue working with you after the hackathons.
Partner Events/Programs: Get connected to some of the best people in the city by attending exclusive events and activities from our partners.

+Who owns the intellectual property of the ideas? The teams formed at Goodie Ideation (and turned into legal entities) own the intellectual property

+Can I pitch my own idea to be built at Goodie Hack? As part of The Process, all those who pitch ideas are required to attend our design thinking workshop, Goodie Ideation.

+Does Goodie Nation provide funding as part of the program? Nope, but we do provide a ton of complimentary resources. It’s about $10,000 worth of value per team.

+Does Goodie Nation take equity of the for-profits that come out of the program? Nope.

+I’m not in Atlanta. Can I start a team? We require all founding team members be residents of Metro Atlanta. However, you can volunteer your skills during Goodie Hack or Goodie Marketing.

+I can’t make it to Goodie Ideation on those dates. Can I still start a team? Unfortunately, no. Attendance at Goodie Ideation is required for those who will start a team.

+Does the idea have to be a tech-based solution? Yes, either software or tech-enabled. The idea we help you generate will require some level of technology.

+Is this a full-time program? Nope. We’ve designed it so you have time for a job, class, etc. However, there will be a lot of work to do!

+Will this program help us gain 501(c)3 status? Unfortunately, this is not part of our offering.

Those Who Played A Role


King Williams

Owner, Psyentific Films

Rob Brawner

Exec. Dir., Atlanta Beltline Partnership

Lisa Y. Gordon

President/CEO, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

Nathaniel Smith

Founder, Partnership for Southern Equity

Elise Blasingame

Executive Director, HMHB

Tawny Powell

Manager of Homebuyer Education and Counseling, Committed to Communities

Monica Dukes

Data Dissemination Specialist @ US Census Bureau

Kenneth Williams

Director of Business Development @ The Scholarship Academy

Jason Crain

COO @ PartPic

Wylesha Rachell

Senior Web Developer @ Turner Broadcasting

Kelly Marble

Director of Executive Engagement @ Technology Association of Georgia

Candace Mitchell

Co-Founder/CEO @ Myavana

Michael Westbrooks II


Daniel Santos

Co-Founder @ HackOut

Simone Harvin

Lead Digital Marketing Assistant @ Jim Ellis Automotive Dealerships

Marlon Avery

UI Designer @ Rekure

I'na Saulsbery

Principal Creative Director @ The Starfire Group

Shawn Johnson

App Hero @ Mobile App Hero

Roshawnna Novellus

Managing Partner @ Bootstrap Capital

Nikishka Iyengar

Founder @ The Guild

Octavia Gilmore

Founder @ Creative Juice

Hande Aksoy

Global Marketing Director at The Coca-Cola Company

Christine Walker

Strategist & Collaborator @ Verse Brand Strategy

Lauren Thomas

Social & Digital Media Manager @ Cricket Wireless

Daniel Dickey

Founder/Lead Strategist @ The Resource Guild

Tareia Williams

PR Manager @ Turner Sports

Amina Yamusah

Founder/CEO @ BLOC

Vince Baskerville

Director of User Experience @ CallRail

Chidi Afulezi

Co-Founder @ aKoma Media

Butler Raines

Head of Product @ SalesLoft

Mike Schinkel

Co-Founder @ Atlanta WordPress Coder's Guild

Milton Walker

Global Sales Enablement Manager @ Intel

Mike Street

Founder @ Black Men Code

Marcellus Haynes

Founder @ Technologists of Color

Lauren Langley

Senior Product Designer @ SalesLoft

Monet Spells

Interaction Designer @ Huge

Erica Stanley

Founder & Director, Atlanta Network @ Women Who Code

Shay Lawson

Diversity Expert & Attorney

Louise Wasilewski

CEO @ Acivilate

Liberty White

Executive Director at ATL WEBFEST @ Georgia Tech

John Mann

Head of Engineering at Knapsack

Michael Westbrooks II


Robert Hatcher

Founder & CEO at Soundcollide

Karen Young

Analyst (Marketing) @ Atlanta Housing Authority

Mario Suffren

Co-Founder @ The Food Rally Group

Desha Elliot

Co-Founder @ PB7App

Noreen Raines

Founder @ Big Thinkers Science Exploration

Lawarance Holton II

Co-Founder @ PB7App

Nathan Jones IV

Co-Founder @ Village Micro-Fund

Corregan Brown

Co-Founder @ ProjectLocker

Rufin Tshinanga

Founder @ The Cool Kids Agency

Paul Hodge

Founder @ The Cool Kids Agency

Mikala Streeter

Founder and Principal at The LIFE School

Calvin Vismale

Atlanta Regional Director @ Rainbow Push Coalition

Tricia Whitlock

Writer. Promoter. Planner.

Ginneh Baugh

Sr. Director Data and Knowledge Development @ United Way

Joe Koufman

CEO/Founder @ AgencySparks

Anna Ruth Williams

Founder + CEO @ ARPR

TJ Abrams

Global Brand Director @ InterContinental Hotels Group

Nicole Garner

Founder / CEO at The Garner Circle PR

Lisa Chester

Executive Director @ Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc.

Kate Atwood

VP, ChooseATL

Meghan Shakar

Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant @ Google

Shireen Khan

President @ Virtue Global Consulting

Jasmine Cato

Senior Program Coordinator, Civic Incubator/ Civic Accelerator at Points of Light

Anthony Gee

co.founder at The Core Venture Studio

Jay Jackson

Founder & CEO @ RYSE

Mark Feinberg

Principal @ Band of Coders

Aaron Paxton Arnold

Host / Creator @ The Real Morning Wood

Brian Easter

Co-Founder @ Nebo Agency

Soon Mee Kim

Executive Vice President @ Porter Novelli

Ameila Davis

Local Marketing Producer @ General Assembly

Scott Henderson

CEO & Co-Founder @ Sandbox Communities LLC

Michael A. Maziar

Tech, Civic, & Social Innovation Enthusiast.

Russell Hopson

Co-Lead, New Leaders Council (Atlanta)

These amazing people donated their talent to the teams during Goodie Marketing and Goodie Hack:

Danielle Withers
Shirlette Chambers
Alex Hwang
Ricardo Sewell
Jeremy Sewell
Aaron Francis
Corey Shaw
Nishant Panchal
Luxmi Saha
Daniel Lawrence
Grant Stevens
Jamie King
John Coppola
Amit Verma
Leslie Caceda
Jacob Smallwood
Sontrez Tigner
Max Grinchenko
Errin Calhoun
Aria Madani
Aunya Lewis
Katiana Stephens

Treven Holcomb
Reuben Johnson
Katiana Stephens
Sam Brooks
Bruno Martinho
Joel Alexandre
Kelly Balcarczyk
Tasmia Noor
Randy Nguyen
Dave Pham
Immaniah Shlemah
Tisha Sutherland
Tafari Melisizwe
Christopher Kemeza
Duane Osborn
Leah Williams
Stephanie Dazey
Katelyn Buress
Kimoy Marin
Candace Bazemore
Mike Smalls

Anne Peck
Jonathan Torres
Jordan Li
Sean Taylor
Amber McCain
Charles Gary
Danielle Withers
Jayanth M
Nathan Justice
Rahsaan Jones
Aasim Merchant
Giselle Warren
Grace Okrah
Owen Adams
Simone Hadley Wilson
Aria Madani
Sean Taylor
Anna Smith
Sam Brooks
Satyam Patel
Arianna Marin

These awesome people donated their time to help produce the events during The Process.

Ellaway Amiker
Courtney Aiken
Sam Martinez
Jack Preston
Foluke Beveridge
Jerica Richardson
Blake Stoner
Andrea Pendergrass
Jacquelyn Roberts
Floyd Hall
Nicholas Brown
Erica Dias
Riquel Jackson
Mike Cuddy
William Crusoe
Barbara Guillory
Eric Corbett
Twanna Harris
Jessica Mitchell
Andrea Williams

Maurice Mickens
Senay Johnson
Venita Hill
Casey McDaniel
Yolanda Hughes
Kendall Flagg
Courtland Liddell
Yolanda Hughes
Armour Carthy
Livelle Mobley
Valerie Barker
Terri Bradley
Chris Polack
Raj Dasari
Macdonny Saintil
Caelynn Houston
Evan Brown
Natasha Graham
Mandy Putnam
Katie Bautista

Ngozi Ihenacho
Royal McHenry
Katiana Stephens
Janelle Lunsford
Bri Miller
Gerald Carter
Corey Landers
Antonio Barnes
Chanelle Turner
Beth Daniell
Antonio Barnes