Goodie Nation | Goodie Marketing [Gentrification]: Atlanta x November 2016
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Here’s the deal. Gentrification is happening. Billions of money is being spent. But very little of it goes to established residents, the people they are connected to, those who work in the area, and business owners.  Goodie Marketing [Gentrification]: Atlanta x November 2016 is meant to change that. We’re calling all web designers, graphics designers, branding pros, digital marketers, communication specialists, and other front-end/back-end developers to join a team and build on top of the existing Minimum Viable Products (MVP) developed at Goodie Hack in October. This is your chance to help those impacted by gentrification, and possibly win $1,000.

Goodie Marketing is Phase III in the Goodie Innovation Tech Incubator for connecting those affected by gentrification to nearby economic opportunities. It’s a mashup of social good, tech, entrepreneurship and highly-skilled people, and, quite possibly, the coolest community service project you’ll ever experience. Register and join our community of changemakers today!


Inspired by Google’s X Moonshot Factory, we’ve created Goodie Innovation – a six-month social impact incubator designed to invent and launch big idea technologies that help raise basic need averages of under-served communities up to their respective country’s national average by combining contributions from passionate and committed people, subject-matter experts and skilled professionals. With help from a grant by Google, the Atlanta Q3 + Q4 2016 Cohort is focused on economic development with the goal of producing ten tech startups who have built products to connect people that live/work in areas affected by gentrification to emerging nearby economic opportunities.

At Goodie Nation, we run toward hard problems with a sense of urgency because real people continue to suffer each daily until the problems are solved. We use tech startup entrepreneurship philosophies and methodologies, combined with culturally-relevant tactics, to create change. Like Google X, we aim for 10x impact because suffering is not acceptable to us. And whether you agree with it or not, gentrification is a symptom of income inequality.

Fill out my online form.
Fill out my online form.

Goodie Marketing [Gentrification]: Atlanta x November 2016 will be divided into 3 categories, and each category winner will receive $1,000 to be split among their team. 2nd place teams in each category will win $500.

+ General ($1,000)

+ Workforce Development/Entrepreneurship/Housing ($1,000)

+ Web Pages ($1,000)

Goodie Marketing [Gentrification]: Atlanta x November 2016 will take place at TechSquare Labs.

Address: 859 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA

Parking: Paid parking is available in the parking deck across the street

Key Details

We specialize in going from “conversation to solution” in a short of time. And more importantly, our sense of urgency comes from the fact that people are suffering until the problems are solved. Under-served communities across the country need you to come up with awesome minimum viable products. To that end, please keep the following in mind:

+ Your objective is to build a web page and develop marketing strategy that spurs people to sign use the service
+ Dress Code: Our focus is impact…not impress people. Dress comfortably.
+ Check-In: It is UBER important that you check-in on time
+ Admission is complimentary.
+ Complimentary food and drinks are provided
+ Bring your own laptops, phone chargers, tablets, etc.
+ Share with your network, and encourage them to attend. Have a voice in the solutions for your community

7:30pm: Check-in + Networking

8pm: Opening Remarks

8:20pm: Idea Pitches

9pm: Team Selection

9:30pm: Team Breakout Sessions

11:30pm: Closing Remarks

9am: Teams Arrive / Breakfast

9:30am: Updates (Team Leaders)

12pm: Lunch

5pm: More Food

8pm: More Food

10:30pm: Closing Remarks

10am: Teams Arrive / Breakfast

10:30am: Updates (Team Leaders)

1pm: Lunch

4pm: Pitch Decks Due

4:30pm: Doors Open To Public

5pm: Pitch Competition Begins

8:15pm: Announement of Winners

8:30pm: Goodie Marketing Ends

Over 30 ideas for tech tools to connect those impacted by/predicted to be impacted by gentrification to nearby economic opportunities were generated at our Goodie Ideation labs at Atlanta Tech Village (September 10th) and Morehouse College (September 17th).

Each team was tasked with coming up with an idea to help 500,000 people who live, work, or connected to areas impacted by gentrification to nearby economic opportunities (make money, save money, or increase equity) by December 2018. This means the ideas have to be scalable, and can be deployed in multiple cities at once.

Click here to access the best teams/ideas that will be pitched at Goodie Marketing

August 1st: Applications to Start a Team Opens

August 4th: Founders’ Therapy: Livin’ Ramen Profitable @ Nex Atlanta

August 16th: Insight Panel: Creating Economically Inclusive Gentrified Areas @ General Assembly

September 9th: Applications Close to Start a Team

September 10th: Goodie Ideation for Professionals @ Atlanta Tech Village

September 17th: Goodie Ideation for College Students @ Morehouse College 

October 8th: Goodie Hack Pitch Preparation

October 14th – 16th: Goodie Hack

November 3rd: Founders’ Therapy for Cohort Teams

All teams will present at Demo Day on Thursday, January 12th at The Gathering Spot in front of industry experts, influencers, community leaders, family, and friends.

Goodie Nation is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. Participants violating these rules may be expelled from the event at the discretion of the organizers.

+Do I need to be an expert to participate on a team? Nope. Our hackathons are for all skill levels. In fact, hackathons are a great way to practice. We’re all one big family working together to solve problems.

+Can I work remote? Short answer is yes. Attend on Friday for team selection, and work out the remote details with your team. If you can’t attend on Friday, you’ll need to work that out with the idea owner in advance.

+Who owns the intellectual property of the ideas? The teams formed at Goodie Ideation (and turned into legal entities) own the intellectual property

+Can I pitch my own idea to be branded/designed at Goodie Marketing? As part of The Process, all those who pitch ideas are required to attend our design thinking workshop, Goodie Ideation.

+Does Goodie Nation provide funding as part of the program? Nope, but we do provide a ton of complimentary resources. It’s about $10,000 worth of value per team.

+Does Goodie Nation take equity of the for-profits that come out of the program? Nope.

+I’m not in Atlanta. Can I start a team? We require all founding team members be residents of Metro Atlanta. However, you can volunteer your skills during Goodie Hack or Goodie Marketing.

+I can’t make it to Goodie Ideation on those dates. Can I still start a team? Unfortunately, no. Attendance at Goodie Ideation is required for those who will start a team.

+Does the idea have to be a tech-based solution? Yes, either software or tech-enabled. The idea we help you generate will require some level of technology.

+Is this a full-time program? Nope. We’ve designed it so you have time for a job, class, etc. However, there will be a lot of work to do!

The Challenge

Gentrification is a general term for the arrival of wealthier people in an existing urban district, a related increase in rents and property values, and changes in the district’s character and culture. It is a sign of economic growth. As money begins to flow into a neighborhood, many aspects of everyday life are changed for the better. Buildings and parks are renovated and beautified. Jobs arrive with the increased construction activity and new retail and service businesses. Crime rates decline. As the property tax base increases, so does funding to local public schools. There are many things to applaud about the power of gentrification.

Atlanta is the fifth-most gentrified city in America, but unfortunately, the benefits of these changes are often enjoyed disproportionately by the new arrivals, while the established residents and businesses find themselves left out of the economic picture with billions of dollars at stake. And this scenario is playing out all over this country at a rapid rate.

:: Links With More Details ::

+ Background data on this challenge here

+ Access Presentation from 8/16 Challenge Insight Panel

All teams will be tasked with the following deliverables from Goodie Marketing:

– Mission + Vision
– Unique Value Proposition
– Web Page with Copy
– Number of Potential Users
— Total Addressable Market (TAM)
— Served Available Market (SAM)
— Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM)
– Top 3 Tactics to Get First 100 Users to Love You
— B2B Companies Have a Max budget of $5,000
— B2C Companies Have a Max Budget of $10,000
– Identify Competition + Competitive Advantage
– Top 10 Perfect Customers/Partners List

The Goodie Marketing Cheat Sheet has everything you’ll need to produce a great web page. ACCESS THE CHEAT SHEAT HERE.

The Goodie Marketing Pitch Competition will take place on Sunday, November 20th at 5pm at TechSquare Labs.

All teams will have 5 minutes to pitch/demo followed by 3 minutes of Q&A from the judges.


Octavia Gilmore

Founder @ Creative Juice

Hande Aksoy

Global Marketing Director at The Coca-Cola Company

Christine Walker

Strategist & Collaborator @ Verse Brand Strategy

Lauren Thomas

Social & Digital Media Manager @ Cricket Wireless

Daniel Dickey

Founder/Lead Strategist @ The Resource Guild

Tareia Williams

PR Manager @ Turner Sports

Simone Harvin

Lead Digital Marketing Assistant @ Jim Ellis Automotive Dealerships

Marlon Avery

UI Designer @ Rekure

I'na Saulsbery

Principal Creative Director @ The Starfire Group

Tricia Whitlock

Writer. Promoter. Planner.

Ginneh Baugh

Sr. Director Data and Knowledge Development @ United Way

Joe Koufman

CEO/Founder @ AgencySparks

Anna Ruth Williams

Founder + CEO @ ARPR

TJ Abrams

Global Brand Director @ InterContinental Hotels Group

Nicole Garner

Founder / CEO at The Garner Circle PR

Jay Jackson

Founder & CEO @ RYSE

J. Cornelius

Founder and CEO @ Nine Labs

Aaron Paxton Arnold

Host / Creator @ The Real Morning Wood

Brian Easter

Co-Founder @ Nebo Agency

Soon Mee Kim

Executive Vice President @ Porter Novelli