Goodie Nation | Hack Mob @ SMASH Pathways 2016 at Morehouse
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+Registration: Complimentary | Register Here

+When: Friday, July 15th, 2016 | 9am – 2pm

+Where: Morehouse College Ray Charles Performing Arts Center

+Challenge Area: Gentrification Financial Inclusion

+Challenge Statement: By 2019, how can you help 500,000 people who live in areas affected by gentrification to keep their homes or sell them at a premium price?

+Featuring: Metro Atlanta Rising 9th Graders

+Music By: DJ Battle

+Photography By: Lynsey Weatherspoon

+Questions: Please email

Hack Mob is an immersive and competitive hip hop-influenced experience which prepares youth to be future innovators, breakthrough thinkers, and leaders for under-served communities. The objective is to make technology related career pathways and social entrepreneurship “cool” to students from underrepresented groups.

The Hack Mob @ SMASH Pathways Summer 2016 Edition is a 5-hour innovation lab where rising Metro Atlanta 9th graders will be introduced to local minority leaders in the innovation economy before participating in a design thinking session to develop tech ideas for connecting those affected by gentrification to nearby emerging economic opportunities. 

With a deejay creating an amazing high-energy hip hop environment, our group of tech professionals (developers, designers, product managers, etc.) show off their technology to students before sharing key nuggets of wisdom on startup culture. Nationally-acclaimed scholarship expert, Jessica Johnson from The Scholarship Academy, will then give a short talk to the students on how to use the ideas from the session to increase the changes of acquiring college scholarship money.

The students will then participate in a culturally-relevant Design Thinking workshop and form 5-6 person teams to craft moonshot using methodologies and frameworks from the tech startup industry. Industry experts will serve as mentors and coaches to guide them through this process.

During the same, parents will participate in a separate workshop to get deeper details on using social impact projects for college scholarship profile building as well as the basics and importance of STEM from an expert from BK International Education Consultancy.

The experience concludes with a “mini” Demo Day where each team presents their ideas to the group and their parents.

Key Details

Hack Mob @ SMASH: Pathways 2016 will take at the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center.

Address: 900 West End Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

Parking: Parking is available on the street or in the Morehouse College Parking Deck.

8:30am: Check-In + Breakfast + Networking

9am: Opening Remarks

9:20am: The Scholarship Academy

9:30am: Tech Entrepreneur Showcase

10am: Challenge Context Setting (Gentrification Financial Inclusion)

10:30am: Moonshot Idea Design Thinking Workshop (For Youth) | Scholarships + Basics of STEM Workshop (For Parents)

1:30pm: Idea Presentations

2pm: Hack Mob Ends


Jessica Johnson

Founder @ The Scholarship Academy

Jason Crain

COO @ PartPic
Joey Womack

Joey Womack

Co-Founder @ Goodie Nation
Justin Dawkins

Justin Dawkins

Co-Founder @ Goodie Nation

King Williams

Producer of ``THE ATLANTA WAY``

Amour Carthy

Site Director at Level Playing Field Institute

Wylesha Rachell

Senior Web Developer at Turner Broadcasting

Kelly Marble

Director of Executive Engagement @ Technology Association of Georgia

Candace Mitchell

Co-Founder/CEO @ Myavana

Mike Westbrooks II


Tommy Clay

Facilitator @ BK International Education Consultancy

Daniel Santos

Co-Founder @ HackOut

+Who owns the intellectual property of the ideas? You do!

+Will food and drinks be provided? Yep! Everything is free.

+Do I have to be there the entire time? Yes, this is a workshop which explains our process for great innovative social impact ideas. Everything builds off of each other. It would be like learning algebra without knowing how to add or subtract.

Goodie Nation uses rapid problem-solving to help under-served communities globally. We aim to become a world leader at ensuring basic needs are met by building tribes of changemakers and entrepreneurs and engage them in an innovative process .

Goodie Nation focus on basic need inequality gaps in 4 areas: Economic Development, Education, Health, and Safety; and are guided by 4 principles:

1] We Already Have Everything That We Need: The key is to create platforms and networks that support continued collaboration and support.
2] Start Where The Greatest Needs Exist: Our purpose is to actively seek out the greatest of these unmet needs, and solve them.
3] Innovation Is The Great Equalizer: We focus on using the assets at our disposal combined with a culture of out-of-box thinking and rapid experimentation.
4] Small Solutions Create Big Change: In short bursts, our talented tribe members address small, fixable issues which slow a community from realizing its’ goals

Founded by Freada Kapor Klein in 2001, LPFI was first known as the “Institute for Inclusive Work Environments.” Frustrated by the inability of the for-profit world to foster diversity and having already spent nearly three decades consulting to organizations on issues of discrimination and diversity, Freada aimed to tackle the problem from a different vantage point. She created a non-profit institute to rigorously and creatively address why diversity efforts had failed and more significantly, to examine and implement programs to understand and experience how diversity could succeed. Upon a foundation of improving civility, fairness, and opportunity in workplaces, the Level Playing Field Institute was established.

Broadening the Vision: IDEAL

In addition to addressing workplace issues, Freada’s concern about the plight of underserved, underrepresented students of color in higher education fueled the creation of new educational programs. The first of these, the Initiative for Diversity Education and Leadership, IDEAL, was founded in response to the passage of Prop 209 during her tenure on the Executive Board of the College of Letters and Science at UC Berkeley with three of her colleagues . The IDEAL program helped students navigate and graduate from higher education systems by providing students with scholarships and mentorship.

Developing a Pipeline of Young Scholars: SMASH

Recognizing the need for a pipeline of highly qualified Bay Area scholars who are prepared for college, LPFI started assessing the opportunities that students from well-resourced schools have; we then sought to close the gap as much as possible for Bay Area students of color without those resources. For example, small classes, high expectations, customized college counseling, and field trips are all part of the educational experience for students from well-resourced schools.

What is SMASH?

The Summer Math and Science Honors (SMASH) Academy, launched in 2004; a program inspired by and loosely modeled after Phillips Academy Andover’s Math and Science for Minority Students [(MS)2]. Using (MS)2 as a model, SMASH launched a residential summer program in 2004 at UC Berkeley. In 2006 we added a year-round academic program, based on student requests. In 2007, we saw 100% of our first class of scholars apply to and enter college. In 2011 we expanded to Stanford, followed by the launch of academies at UCLA and USC in 2012. In the summer of 2015, LPFI launched the SMASH:Pathways UC Davis program.

What is SMASH: Pathways?

The Summer Math and Science Honors (SMASH) Pathways program is a free of cost, STEM engagement and exposure summer program for grade 8 students of color prior to their transition to high school. SMASH Pathways boasts a summer STEM enrichment program which provides access to hands-on activities, field trips, mentors and role models as students explore the breadth of opportunities in STEM. The program not only reinforces the students’ STEM academic identities, but also focuses on developing their critical thinking, civic awareness, leadership and sense of social responsibility.

Launched in 2015, SMASH Pathways started on the campus of University of California at Davis with a focus on building STEM awareness for prospective SMASH Academy applicants and parents prior to applying and making the three (3) year commitment, with the most intensive period occurring over a five (5) week period during each summer of their high school experience.

For a single summer, SMASH Pathways scholars convene at least twice a week over a six (6) to eight (8) week period for a series of STEM-focused experiential activities and workshops. Program participants are among other high-potential, underrepresented (African American, Latino/a, Native American, Southeast Asian or Pacific Islander, low-income, first-in-family to attend college) transitioning high school students.

In addition to the summer experience, SMASH Pathways scholars are also prepared and supported to apply to SMASH Academy during the academic year leading up to the opening of the program application.

Learn more at

The Challenge + Innovation Toolkit

Challenge Statement: By 2019, how can you help 100,000 people who live in areas affected by gentrification to keep their homes or sell them at a premium price?

Pilot Area: Atlanta, GA

We have a lot to do…and not a lot of time to do it. That being said, we expect each team to have completed the following by the end of the day:

+Identified a Customer Segment to Target

+Identified a Problem Experienced By That Customer Segment

+Developed a User Persona

+Created a User Journey Map

+Generated a Big Idea Solution

Our Innovator Mindset Manifesto

+ I will do the impossible.
+ My very first thought is “How can this happen?”.
+ I will break the impossible into manageable pieces.
+ I will then focus on the next step in the process…not the end.
+ I will accept that failure is likely, and I will still believe.
+ This will allow me to be crazy + have fun.


Dave Melhado

Founder @ Intecoo Group

Mario Suffren

Product Manager @ CSM Bakery Solutions

Shawn Johnson

Mobile Development Instructor @ General Assembly

Desha Elliot

Founder @ PB7App

Noreen Raines

Founder @ Big Thinkers Science Exploration

Robert Hatcher

Founder @ Sound Collide

Lawrance Holton II

Co-Founder @ PB7App

Nathan Jones IV

Co-Founder @ Village Micro-Fund

Corregan Brown

Co-Founder @ ProjectLocker

Rufin Tshinanga

Founder @ The Cool Kids Agency

Paul Hodge

Marketing and Strategy Consultant

Mikala Streeter

Founder and Principal at The LIFE School

+Access Master Program Here (Scroll Down for Your Team’s Slide)

+Access Team Folders Here