Goodie Nation | Goodie Ideation: Memphis x June 2016
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+Registration: Complimentary | Click Here

+When: Saturday, June 18th, 2016 | 9am – 9pm

+Where: National Civil Rights Museum @ The Lorraine Motel

+Challenge: How can you unlock the economic potential of our country by increasing employment among newly released ex-offenders 25% within 60 days by December 2018?

+Perfect For: Young Professionals, Adults, Students, & Creatives. Really Anybody

+Age Range: 16+

+Music By: DJ Tim Bachus

+Photography By: Andrew Barlottta

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+Questions: Please email

According to Business Insider, 688,000 ex-offenders were released from prison in 2014, and a study by the Urban Institute Justice Policy Center indicates only 30% of recently released ex-offenders get jobs within two months of their release. Far too many ex-offenders return to jail or prison soon after their release because of limited economic opportunities. In fact, a 2011 study by the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Center on the States indicate more than 4 out 10 can be expected to return to prison within 3 years. This has a major impact on our society’s economic potential. 

Goodie Ideation [EcDev]: Memphis x June 2016 is meant to change that. Become a lean, mean rapid problem-solving machine in this hip and interactive environment dedicated to eradicating challenges in communities with the highest need.

Goodie Ideation is Phase I in the Goodie Innovation Lifecycle for rapidly solving problems in under-served communities. Prepare for getting your tech-enabled idea built by learning our innovative process for being a breakthrough social impact thinker and leader using a culturally relevant approach. In this creative lab, you’ll be introduced to our process of coming up with crazy social impact ideas that somehow work: stretching your limits of comfortability by confronting a big challenge and breaking it down into manageable pieces by focusing on underlying problems, getting intimate with the people experiencing these problems, and envisioning big ideas to solve them. You’ll walk away with a really cool tech-enabled idea ready to be passed onto to designers and developers. Register and join our community of changemakers today!

Key Details

8:30am: Check-In + Breakfast + Networking

9am: Opening Remarks

9:30am: Design Thinking Workshop

1pm: Lunch + Chat with Frederick Hutson (Founder/CEO @ Pigeonly) – Read This Forbes Article

1:30pm: Team Breakout Sessions

5pm: Dinner

5:30pm: Pitch + Presentation Workshop

6:30pm: Doors Open for Idea Showcase

7pm: Idea Showcase

9pm: Goodie Ideation Ends

Goodie Ideation [EcDev]: Memphis x June 2016 will take at the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel. The National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel is a very special experience that takes visitors through centuries of history. Visitors begin within the original Lorraine Motel structure and continue through the Legacy exhibits within the Young & Morrow and Boarding House buildings across Mulberry Street. Learn more about it here.

Address: 450 Mulberry Street Memphis, TN 38103
Parking: Please park in the museum parking lot.

Joey Womack

Joey Womack

Co-Founder @ Goodie Nation
Justin Dawkins

Justin Dawkins

Co-Founder @ Goodie Nation

Brit Fitzpatrick

Founder @ Geeked Memphis

Allison Gibbs

Director of Programs and Operations @ Just City

Frederick Hutson

Founder & CEO @ Pigeonly

+Who owns the intellectual property of the ideas? You do!

+Will food and drinks be provided? Yep! Everything is free.

+Do I have to be there the entire time? Yes, this is a workshop which explains our process for great innovative social impact ideas. Everything builds off of each other. It would be like learning algebra without knowing how to add or subtract.

+Do I have to attend in order to present my idea at Goodie Hack? Yep. We spend a lot of time working the idea owners to make sure their idea is a good fit for a hackathon, and their presentation is tight.

+I have kids. Is it ok to bring them? Goodie Ideation is a workshop, and although kids as young as 6 can participate as students, we aren’t setup for them to be observers.

Goodie Nation is built on the belief that we already have everything we need to make the change we want to see happen. It’s just that the “impact” ecosystem is highly inefficient. Therefore, our mission is to build tribes of changemakers and entrepreneurs and engage them in an innovative process to help under-served communities globally. We aim to become a world leader at empowering individuals to solve their own community’s problems.

We focus on basic need inequality gaps in 4 impact sectors: Economic Development, Education, Health, and Safety; and are guided by 4 principles:

1] We Already Have Everything That We Need: The key is to create platforms and networks that support continued collaboration and support.
2] Start Where The Greatest Needs Exist: Our purpose is to actively seek out the greatest of these unmet needs, and solve them.
3] Innovation Is The Great Equalizer: We focus on using the assets at our disposal combined with a culture of out-of-box thinking and rapid experimentation.
4] Small Solutions Create Big Change: In short bursts, our talented tribe members address small, fixable issues which slow a community from realizing its’ goals

+The Goodie Innovation Lifecycle

[Phase II] Goodie Hack: The best Idea Owners from Goodie Ideation present their tech-enabled social impact ideas to an audience of developers, designers, and non-tech professionals. Then the fun begins. The attendees split into teams and work against the clock on proof of concepts. At the end, all teams present their projects to a panel of industry experts for a chance to win some cool stuff.

[Phase III] Goodie Marketing: With their tech prototypes built, the teams move onto this marketing hackathon where they’ll present their progress to an audience of creatives. And much like Goodie Hack, these creatives work against the clock on branding + growth marketing strategies. Of course there is a competitive part, as the teams present their work to a panel of experts for prizes.

Geeked Memphis is a community supporting and celebrating Memphis’ diverse entrepreneurs, creatives and makers. Through programming and events, Geeked Memphis seeks to put Memphis on the map for inclusive innovation. Follow Geeked Memphis on Facebook @geekedmemphis.

What We Believe

(1) Investing in diversity is not philanthropy.
(2) Technology is a tool that can scale, not only ideas and businesses, but also opportunity.
(3) Entrepreneurship extends beyond tech.
(4) Inclusion is critical to a successful Memphis.

The Challenge + Innovation Toolkit

Challenge Statement: How can you unlock the economic potential of our country by increasing employment among newly released ex-offenders 25% within 60 days by December 2018?

Pilot Area: Memphis, TN

According to the National Institute of Justice, recidivism is one of the most fundamental concepts in criminal justice. It refers to a person’s relapse into criminal behavior, often after the person receives sanctions or undergoes intervention for a previous crime. Recidivism is measured by criminal acts that resulted in rearrest, re-conviction or return to prison with or without a new sentence during a three-year period following the prisoner’s release.

We have a lot to do…and not a lot of time to do it. That being said, we expect each team to have completed the following by the end of the day:

+Identified a Customer Segment to Target

+Identified a Problem Experienced By That Customer Segment

+Developed a User Persona

+Created a User Journey Map

+Generated a Big Idea Solution

+Come up with the Unique Value Proposition

+Come up with the High-Level Concept

+Developed a Landing Page for the Big Idea

+Created a Pitch Deck

Goodie Ideator Mindset Manifesto

+ I will do the impossible.
+ My very first thought is “How can this happen?”.
+ I will break the impossible into manageable pieces.
+ I will then focus on the next step in the process…not the end.
+ I will accept that failure is likely, and I will still believe.
+ This will allow me to be crazy + have fun.


+Access Team Folders

All teams will have 5 minutes to present their ideas and 5 minutes of Q&A from the Feedback Panel


David Williams

President/CEO @ Leadership Memphis

Phyllis Fickling

Memphis & Shelby County Office of Reentry

Allan Daisley

Director, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability at Memphis Bioworks Foundation

Allison Gibbs

Director of Programs and Operations at Just City
Andre K. Fowlkes

Andre Fowlkes

President at Start Co.