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Founders’ Therapy was created to show entrepreneurs that they aren’t alone on their journey and many others share their pain…over drinks of course. As an organization founder, we often want to talk people who have been through the wars and can feel our pain. Our journey is relatively unique, and when you cross paths with a fellow warrior it can be instant magic…like a gift from above. We believe that giving you peace of mind will allow you to focus on building your company.


Held in select cities around the US, each event features a moderator and 15-20 founders being really transparent on a topic of the day.  Some of these topics include:

Co-Founder Drama

Starting a company is like being married to your business partner without dating and being engaged. Felt unappreciated. Been screwed over? Have some horror stories? Ever wanted to scissor kick them?

Sacrifice of Personal Life

Spending 90% of your life running the organization and watching your personal life go down the drain while wondering if its all worth it? Yeah, we’ve been there too. And it will really play tricks on your mind.

Living on a Founder’s Salary

Paying yourself peanuts (if anything at all)? Eating bread and drinking water all day to keep your cash burn rate low? Thinking you could be making 10x more money if you had a real job? Been there…

Embracing Risk and Failure

Ever noticed that you learn the most from the times you failed not succeeded? So if you want to learn more, then you have to embrace risk and hit some bumps along the way. We actually encourage it.

Dealing with Exhaustion

Running a company takes an extreme toll on you – not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Ever been so exhausted that you can’t, literally, get out the bed? Let’s share some stories…

Sources of Motivation

We all hear “the” calling. But where does it come from for you personally? Are you trying to change the world? But what happens when you need a boost. Do you call a friend? Do you lean on your faith?


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