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Goodie Nation is built on the premise that our communities already have the resources we need to make the change we want to see happen…it’s just that the “ecosystem of change” is horribly inefficient. People and organizations are working to solve the same and/or related problems in the same neighborhood, city, and state, but, oftentimes, have no idea each other exists. This makes collaboration almost impossible, and forces people to reinvent the wheel.

So we’re leveraging the connections of our tribe of changemakers and entrepreneurs to highlight the root causes around problems in education, economic development, health, and safety in under-served communities as well as the organizations working to solve them.

We call it Goodie Map.


The following root cause problems have been identified at previous Goodie Ideation workshops in various cities. However, we think these issues are applicable to most communities. Feel free to submit your thoughts on the root causes:


+Economic Development

+Health & Wellness


City by city, we’re building a list of resources you can take advantage of to take your interests to the next level. Feel free to add to our list!

+ Atlanta, GA
+ Birmingham, AL (Coming Soon)
+ Charlotte, NC
+ Miami, FL (Coming Soon)
+ Memphis, TN (Coming Soon)
+ Orlando, FL (Coming Soon)
+ Tallahassee, FL (Coming Soon)
+ Washington, DC (Coming Soon)

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