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Why donate cryptocurrency to nonprofits?

Cryptocurrency donations are fast, secure, transparent, and may be more cost effective than other methods. It also gets more money directly in the hands of the nonprofits you care about most, while also providing additional tax benefits to donors.

How is my crypto donation processed?

Your donation goes to Pledge’s 501(c)(3) Pledgeling Foundation. Your tax receipt will reflect your gift having been made to that intermediary nonprofit. Then, your gift will be converted to US dollars, which will be sent directly to the charity of your choice. 3% of your donation is donated to the Pledgeling Foundation to manage the crypto-exchange through our integration with Coinbase.

How do cryptocurrency donations impact my taxes?

If you have appreciated cryptocurrency, you may receive tax benefits in the form of reduced capital gains tax, in addition to the usual deduction for charitable donations (if you itemize your deductions). Consult your tax advisor about your specific situation.

What fees are deducted from my donation?

Pledge will charge a fee of 3% per transaction. When we convert the donation to USD, we may also incur variable liquidation fees during the conversion process, which we net out of the donation at our cost.

Can I make a donation anonymously?

Yes! Individuals have the ability to donate anonymously on all of our donation forms. This means the nonprofit and others will not see your name or email associated with the donation, but you will still receive a tax receipt.

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