2022 Mid-Year Letter

During the first half of the year, we expanded our work with brands, founders, locations, and more.

The first half of 2022 marks the end of the beginning for our flagship program, Intentionally Good. We’re really excited about the next phase, but, first, let’s talk about the highlights from the last six months. 

We became more intentional about building community...

We launched two monthly program events: Prequel: Origin Stories + Inflection Points and Verticals. Prequel: Origin Stories + Inflection Points is a platform for founders to share the influential, and many times underrated, moments of their lives that led to them launching their company. For the listener, who may be potential customers, investors, or partners, it helps them to understand the founder on a human level. Verticals brings together founders and experts in the same space together for conversations on industry news, trends, opportunities, etc. in breakout rooms.

We continued to work with great brands...

We partnered with Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) to help diverse founders with product strategy. Held during Q1, we paired founders with PCNA employees for priority and goal setting, mentorship, and product testing. We started a partnership with Auth0 to help founders with product security. And we’re working with National League of Cities, Collab Capital, and Invest Atlanta to help black founders understand alternative sources of capital.

We began focusing on the other part of the Relationship Gap – those that attend or have graduated from top colleges – by piloting initiatives with Emory University and Yale University. Founders in our program will have the opportunity to take executive education classes at Emory, get connected to its’ Peachtree Minority Venture Fund, and develop relationships with alumni in the corporate space. As for Yale, members of the BioTech Club are doing pro bono research work for select founders. 

We did tech right IRL...

After two years of virtual programming, we got the gang back together with a reunion in late March at The Gathering Spot. We then took the show on the road with private events in NYC and DC. Finally, we piloted a pop-up co-working space concept, called Good Workspace, with our friends at Atlanta Tech Village.

We saw more awesome founders...

In Q2, we welcomed 35+ new founders in the program. They represent 17 cities, 14 states, 3 countries, 20+ industries, and 15+ entrepreneur support programs.

We created new ways to support our work...

Finally, we expanded our fundraising streams with the launch of Society of the Good and crypto donations. Society of the Good is a monthly recurring donor initiative for those that want to be more involved with our work. They receive insider updates, get exclusive updates, and more. And we were selected by Pledge to be a launch partner for their crypto donation feature

What’s next...

We’ll now start working with a new era of very talented founders. As we enter new markets, we’ll be focused on building even more community, creating even more value, and starting a flywheel of impact. We look forward to working with you to help us scale our impact 


On a mission to do tech right,


Joey Womack 

Founder/CEO, Goodie Nation

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