Society of the Good
Our donor group that's closing the Relationship Gap for social entrepreneurs and diverse founders.



We serve as a group of champions for Goodie Nation. Together, we support Goodie Nation with either a single donation or a monthly, recurring one.

We’re a group of experts, changemakers, and innovation professionals who share a passion for making an impact as well as enjoying life. We work hard by day, but know how to mix it up when we’re off. We’re the type of people that always buys the first drink, but never throws the first punch. We know that philanthropy is always best without a name, but believe that good deeds should never go unnoticed – for even the smallest accomplishments deserve modest celebration. 

Society of the Good is for ambitious and experienced professionals who are intentional about putting their skills to Good use and help founders achieve their potential. For us, it’s NOT possible to have too much of a Good thing.