Intentionally Good 500 - Giving Tuesday
Intentionally Good 500 on #GivingTuesday

We're recruiting 500 supporters who believe relationships are at the center of tech, and no tech founder nor K-12 STEM program operator can reach their potential without a strong support network.

This year we learned that relationships are the catalysts of lives, yet where we grow up, the institutions we attend, and the cities we choose as professionals act as future determinants of success – particularly for social entrepreneurs and diverse founders. At Goodie Nation, we have evolved our mission to accelerate founders and futures by putting people and relationships at the center of tech.

And we made a ton of progress and impact in 2020. We facilitated 700+ connections for 160+ tech founders and tech talent training program operators across the country who raised $20M+ and landed some of the top companies in the world as customers. We’ve grown to become a national entrepreneurship support nonprofit, and found a process that works. Imagine the possibilities if we had the proper funding to execute at full capacity.

This Giving Tuesday (December 1st), we’re producing 12 consecutive hours of live streamed stories on how we’ve helped social entrepreneurs and diverse founders. We’re borrowing from our hackathon roots and calling it a Zoomathon. The money raised will go toward our 2021 programming and operations costs. Called Goodie Impact Stories on #GivingTuesday, it will feature 10-15 minute interviews with the amazing founders and experts from our Intentionally Good community, 20-30 minute fireside chats with our sponsors, and 10-15 minute live Q&A sessions with special guests. Viewers will have the ability to text to give.

I’m recruiting a group of supporters, called the Intentionally Good 500, to donate between $25 – $100 ahead of December 1st to build momentum toward the big day. Imagine the possibilities if we had the proper funding to execute at full capacity.

Can contribute between $25 – $100? If you are moved to help us fill the relationship gap for social entrepreneurs and diverse founders, please register for the event and donate at

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