Readiness Evaluations

At Goodie Nation, we’re committed to intentionally connecting founders to influencers for endorsements or key advisor roles, large companies for paid pilots or partnerships, and capital providers (investors, foundations, sponsors, etc.). But before we make these introductions, we need to make sure you’re ready for them because we don’t want to put you in a position where you make an unfavorable impression. You only get one shot with many of these people. Over the years, we’ve realized that founder self-awareness is the best predictor of success. 

So we rallied up some awesome people in our network to conduct Readiness Evaluations to see if you’re ready for these things, and, if not, what areas of your company can improve. As a VilCap community, we use their evaluation tools. 

Objective: Assess each company’s progress with honest feedback

Evaluation Types

  • Investor
  • Nonprofit Funder
  • Corporate Pilot
  • Government Pilot
  • Influencer
    • B2B
    • B2C


Format: One-on-one conversation between founder and a decision maker or another founder who has raised money, done several pilots, and/or has received endorsements or secured influential advisors.  You make a presentation, using your pitch deck, just like you would in a normal pitch. After the presentation, there will be Q&A.

Time/Venue: 30-45 minutes via video call

How To Setup Your Readiness Evaluation

  • Find our list of Readiness Evaluators here
  • Filter for the Expertise you need (ex. Investor Readiness Evaluation)
  • Select an evaluator
  • Book time with them
    • Click on the lntro Link of that person
    • **Indicate you’d like a Readiness Evaluation** when filling in context for why you want to meet them.
  • Once connected
  • Be prepared to make a pitch using your pitch deck
  • After the session, have them send the scores to you. Please forward those scores to us.



  • A pitch deck