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Intentional Action:
Supporting Good Founders Monthly

We're continuing the movement Google For Startups, Fulcrum Equity Partners and Verizon started by getting donations + social capital to support the next generation of diverse founders and social entrepreneurs.

Founders of color and women as well as social entrepreneurs from all backgrounds typically receive funding two levels lower than where their progress indicates. This funding gap, which is widening due to COVID-19, is primarily caused by a lack of access to high-powered networks. Given the racial justice environment in this country, now, more than ever, is the time to use social capital to make a difference.

To plug this gap today, we’re doing two things: (1) raising $1M over the next 12 months from a coalition of 500+ leaders and organizations to accelerate our work, and (2) creating a culture of helping diverse founders reach their potential by getting the coaltion to commit to providing coaching, warm intros, or other opportunities on a monthly basis.

We call this coalition The Intentionally Good 500. Take intentional action today by making a donation as well as electing how you’d like to utilize your greatness. This is tech done right.



Aly Merritt
Head of Community

Jon Birdsong
Atlanta Ventures

Jewel Burks Solomon 
Head of Google For Startups, US

Holly Beilin

Michael A. Maziar 
VP, Technology Banking 
Silicon Valley Bank

George Azih 


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