Introducing the Next Generation: AI Startups Program – Fostering Growth and Accountability for Pre-Seed AI Innovators

Introducing the Next Generation: AI Startups Program – Fostering Growth and Accountability for Pre-Seed AI Innovators

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, pre-seed artificial intelligence startups are at the forefront of innovation. It is crucial that the support for founders of these startups is accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, background, or circumstance. Recognizing their potential, we introduce Next Generation: AI Startups, a post-accelerator program designed to support and nurture these startups as they progress towards their seed round of funding. This new program represents our unwavering commitment to creating a tech ecosystem that reflects the rich tapestry of our global community and leaves no one behind

Building a Community of Accountability

Next Generation: AI Startups is more than just a program; it’s a community. We provide an environment where founders emerging from accelerators like Techstars and Y Combinator, or those with previous tech startup experience, can find the accountability and support they need. For up to 12 months, we focus on helping founders achieve critical business milestones and prepare for successful fundraising efforts. Our aim is to ensure these startups not only secure the necessary funds but also advance to our Seed Stage Program for continued support.

Exclusive Access to Google for Startups Cloud Program

In partnership with Google Cloud, we offer exclusive benefits that include:

  • Google Cloud Credits: Up to $250,000 in credits for Year 1 and $100,000 for Year 2, covering Google Cloud and Firebase usage.
  • Google Workspace Business Plus: Complimentary for one year (for new signups).
  • Google Cloud Skills Boost: Credits for video courses and hands-on labs.
  • Startup Success Managers: Dedicated support to unlock the full potential of Google Cloud’s AI innovations.

Setting Priorities and Goals

Every startup in the program is assigned a Performance Partner, a dedicated business coach who ensures that strong priorities and goals are set. These partners lead bi-weekly virtual Accountability Group Huddles, providing a platform for founders to seek help, report progress, and plan for upcoming milestones.

Activating Our Community

Founders have access to a vast network of support, including:

  • Help Huddles: Monthly sessions for strategic or tactical business assistance.
  • Progress Update Huddles: Monthly meetings to discuss progress, wins, and future plans.
  • VC Fundraising Coach-In-Residence: Expert guidance on pitching and fundraising strategies.
  • VC Readiness Evaluations: Presentations to actual investors for feedback and readiness assessment.
  • Enterprise Pilot Readiness Evaluations: Coaching on sales pitches and demos.

Comprehensive Support System

Our program integrates a variety of resources to support founders:

  • Monthly 1:1 Meetings: Deep dives with Performance Partners.
  • Accountability Reports: Regular updates on progress and morale.
  • Online Community: Access to events, best practice huddles, industry roundtables, and mental health sessions.
  • Perks & Discounts: Over 150 discounts on essential products and services.
  • Recommended Providers: Vetted legal, accounting, and tech service providers.
  • Special Event Invitations: Exclusive invites to dinners, happy hours, and conference events.
  • Founder Platform: An online portal to connect with the community and access resources.

Embracing the Future

Next Generation: AI Startups is dedicated to empowering pre-seed AI innovators, providing them with the community, resources, and accountability they need to thrive. By fostering a supportive environment and offering access to tools and expertise, we help founders navigate the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey with confidence and resilience.

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Join us as we pave the way for the next generation of AI startups, driving forward the future of an inclusive innovation economy. This is tech done right.