A Milestone Convening: Recapping the 2024 State of the Atlanta Black Tech Ecosystem Summit Powered by UNCF

A Milestone Convening: Recapping the 2024 State of the Atlanta Black Tech Ecosystem Summit Powered by UNCF

The journey to unite Black ATLiens in tech began in 2017, and years of building bridges across founders, corporate leaders, investors, and the entire tech spectrum led to this moment—a reboot of the annual summit that left a lasting impact.

Last Thursday, January 11th, 2024, marked a historic day in the heart of Atlanta, GA, as we witnessed an unprecedented gathering of minds and talents at The Gathering Spot. The 2024 State of the Atlanta Black Tech Ecosystem Summit powered by UNCF was nothing short of a revolutionary stride in the realm of technology and community empowerment. Trust us, Atlanta brought its A-game. Under the theme “We Our and Us,” which is inspired by De La Soul’s “Me Myself and I” and pays homage to 50 years of hip hop, the summit was a platform for embracing authenticity and solidarity.

A Packed House of Inspiration

The air buzzed with excitement and the energy of over 500 Black tech professionals who filled the room. It was a melting pot of brilliant minds – from community leaders to young aspiring tech enthusiasts, all sharing a common goal: to shape and support the future of Black professionals in technology.

Empowering Through Education

A significant focus of the summit was on nurturing the next generation. We delved deep into strategies for supporting Black K-12 and college computer science educators. It’s about creating a pipeline of talent and knowledge, ensuring that the future of tech is diverse, inclusive, and equipped with the best minds irrespective of race or background.

Gaming and Beyond

The gaming sector, often overlooked yet rapidly growing, received much-needed attention. We discussed ways to integrate more Black professionals into gaming organizations, not just as players but as creators, developers, and decision-makers.

Engineering the Future

Software engineers, the backbone of the tech industry, had their moment in the spotlight. Seasoned professionals shared insights and advice, aiming to bridge gaps and open doors for upcoming Black engineers.

Product Management and Leadership

The role of product managers in tech cannot be overstated. We highlighted the journey of Black product managers who have carved a niche for themselves, setting the stage for more to follow.

A Hub for Founders and Investors

Entrepreneurs and investors formed a crucial part of the summit. It was a platform for Black founders to connect with investors and accelerators, fostering an environment where ideas meet opportunity.

Conclusion: A United Vision

The 2024 State of the Atlanta Black Tech Ecosystem Summit was more than an event; it was a statement. A statement that in Atlanta, in tech, Black professionals are not just present – they are influential, innovative, and indispensable. As we move forward, Goodie Nation remains committed to this vision of a diverse and empowered tech ecosystem, where everyone has a chance to excel and make an impact.

Major shout outs are in order for the incredible speakers who graced the stage, sharing their wisdom and insights:

  • Ryan Wilson
  • Donnie Beamer Jr.
  • Dr. Bryan Cox
  • Andrea P. Miller, Ed.S.
  • Kristina Newton
  • Jaycee Holmes
  • Christopher Peay
  • Jonathan Exume
  • Erica Stanley
  • Diamonde Henderson
  • Jammie Jelks
  • Jaisa Gooden
  • Barry Givens
  • Anastasia Simon
  • Grant Muhoozi Warner

Now that the summit has set the stage, it’s time for the real work to begin.

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