Goodie Nation Founder Speaks to Georgia Tech’s CS + Social Good Club on Social Entrepreneurship

On October 16, 2017 the student-led group CS + Social Good (Computer Science + Social Good) at Georgia Tech invited two of Atlanta’s top social entrepreneurs on campus to discuss social entrepreneurship. The panel discussion focused on where computer science intersects with social impact, and how the community can use technology to create positive change through entrepreneurship and mentorship. Joey Womack, Founder & CEO of Amplify 4 Good and Goodie Nation, and Sean Williams, a Nonprofit Operations Consultant at TechBridge, were panelists at the event. They shared how they got started in social entrepreneurship, how they decide what problems to focus on solving, and how they balance big picture goals when not seeing immediate improvements.
The discussion led by social entrepreneur, Joey Womack, was a great start to Goodie Nation’s partnership with Georgia Tech CS + Social chapter. At Goodie Nation, we’re dedicated to creating a pipeline for college students to bridge the gaps in socioeconomic disparities in communities leveraging innovation. Womack plans for Goodie Nation to continue to empower individuals to be ‘heroes’ through the Goodie College Lab- the social entrepreneurship training program for college students. Joey continued by encouraging the students to participate in the 4-week social impact incubator, suggested that they attack problems they care about, and mirror what investors want to invest in with their passions. It’s without a doubt that these two social entrepreneurs will stay making an impact in the Atlanta tech scene, and it’s exciting to see how they will work together to help mentor students who are passionate about social entrepreneurship.