Meet The 10 Startups From Goodie Nation's Social Impact Pre-Accelerator On Gentrification Economic Inclusion

Meet The 10 Startups From Goodie Nation's Social Impact Pre-Accelerator On Gentrification Economic Inclusion

It takes a village to raise a prototype.
Demo Days are typically filled with excitement and anticipation. For Goodie Nation, a tribe of changemakers and entrepreneurs, the evening was filled with excitement, anticipation, and impact. Over the last six months, the tactics have taken many forms, but the goal has remained constant – #HACKGENTRIFICATION. On the evening of January 12th, it all culminated in the presentation of 10 amazing startups who were given 5 minutes to demonstrate their revolutionary technological solutions.
The social impact solutions that were produced through the Goodie Nation pre-accelerator process were presented at The Gathering Spot, a contemporary spot for Atlanta young professionals. With the scene set with a mixture of people, vibrant music, and libations, the startups that accelerated their visions into reality came to the stage: Vngle, Civic Dinners, Mini City, Goodr, Spektra, Build United, Nafasi, Wedge Finder, Resurge, and Acrefy.
Blake Stoner, an Economics senior at Morehouse College and founder of Vngle revealed the new social platform that aims to reduce problematic disparities by using community curated media coverage against the inundation of negligent and false media.
Civic Dinners
Civic Dinners, founded by Jenn Graham, is an organization determined to enhance community awareness and involvement through dinner table discussions on issues that matter.
Mini City
Mini City, an application and wearable technology solution is an innovation to empower homeless citizens to unlock a variety of vital records and services, to include legal ids and employment forms.
Founded by Jasmine Crow, Goodr, is a mobile application that is real-time food rescue. It’s mission is to 20,000 pounds of surplus food a month and deliver it to people that need it.
Spektra provides affordable, and accessible pregnancy tips to women. Bianca Campbell, founder and pregnancy activist started Spektra as a digital service that connects women displaced by gentrification to vital information who may find pregnancy centers inaccessible by location or resource.
Build United
Build United is closing the skills gap. Sanjay Satagopan, along with his co-founder, Kelly Balcarczyk, started this non-profit platform with the mission to connect abled veterans, young adults, seniors, and other unemployed people to paid training and job opportunities through job bidding technology.
The online community solution connecting underrepresented entrepreneurs to the innovation economy is Nafasi. Through this technology, users can collaborate and post problems going on in their communities to survey and see if others agree or have interesting and helping to create solutions.
Wedge Finder
Wedge Finder is a mobile platform that connects people who have been displaced due to gentrification to affordable housing by providing fast access to the best places to live and work. The platform will output smartest housing options, job opportunities and accessible transportation based on the input of key information.
Resurge, a community based renewable energy program, helps consumers save and earn money by creating micro community energy grids. Over the next 3 years, Resurge plan to help “3,000” homeowners convert to renewable energy and generate $1.35 Million for the community.
Community wealth development platform Acrefy is a tech social enterprise that uses urban agriculture to connect vacant land owners with experienced urban growers and new trainees. The platform seeks to convert 100 vacant acres into 400 mini farms to produce 8 million dollars of revenue in a year.
The Next Challenge: Reducing Gun Violence
Good Nation Co-Founders, Joey Womack and Justin Dawkins, led the room in applause for the courage, skill, and dedication that it took to birth each idea. What’s next for 2017? Stopping Gun Violence. Founders, Mentors, Volunteers, Sponsors, partners, and subject matter experts are all invited to get involved with Goodie Nation. Stay in the know by signing up, and donate at
This article was written by Ashley Stewart of The Patent Pump

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