A Deep Dive Into Our New Team Members As We’re Set to Accelerate Impact

We have expanded our internal team to continue to deliver and amplify our impact in 2021. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added key talent to lead operations and management, programming, and marketing and communications!

Operations and Management

With a grant from Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative, we made our first full-time hire: Former Googler Paris Proctor joins the team as our first Chief Operating Officer. She brings nonprofit, education, fundraising, and partner management expertise at a crucial point in Goodie Nation’s growth curve.

Paris Proctor, Chief Operating Officer

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration concentration in Marketing from the School of Business & Industry at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

Career Highlights:
Paris has led both domestic and international programs as an entrepreneur all while working alongside for-profit and nonprofit companies like Google, United Way Bay Area and Year Up Workforce Program since graduating from Florida A&M’s School of Business in 2013. To date, Paris has served in communities across Brazil, Bulgaria, Greece, Morocco, Mozambique, and Turkey as well as spanning from her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana to her current homestead of Los Angeles, California.


Every Seed and Series A stage founder now receives a dedicated point of contact, and several experienced startup operators and mentors have stepped into roles with us. CV Sudarshan works with Seed Stage+/Series A founders and Hadeel A-Tashi leads a weekly accountability group huddle for social impact founders.

Daryl Holman Jr., founder of fintech startup Revival, is our new Entrepreneur-In-Residence, and will facilitate a weekly accountability group huddle for financial inclusion founders. Aspiring venture capitalist, Kevin Williams, is our new Research Associate who discovers potential founders to join our program as well as opportunities such as accelerators and grants for our existing founders.

CV Sudarshan, Portfolio Manager

Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University

Career Highlights:
CV is an accomplished leader in tech B2B (Hardware and SaaS) sales and marketing. He is a strategic alliance partnership cultivator who works with giants like Microsoft, Oracle, and Sage. CV helps businesses attain high impact ROI by building top-performing teams that can scale companies to the next level. In addition to his role at Goodie Nation, CV is a FinTech SaaS Sales Leader at Reefin LLC.

Hadeel Al-Tashi, Portfolio Manager

Master’s degree in International Commerce and Policy, George Mason University
Bachelor’s degree in International Business, Strayer University

Career Highlights:
Hadeel led international entrepreneurial programs for social impact and underrepresented founders. Over the past couple of years, she supported more than 100 early-stage startups across the globe. She is passionate about building communities, helping entrepreneurs scale their ventures and making a positive impact in the world. Hadeel is a mentor for SeedSpot, WeWork Labs and LearnServe International. She is also an advisor for DC Startup Week.

Daryl Holman Jr., Entrepreneur-In-Residence

Master’s degree in Public Administration, Eastern Michigan University
Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Nonprofit Management, Eastern Michigan University

Career Highlights:
Daryl is a self-taught designer that worked on the websites for Student Debt Crisis and The Debt Collective; two of the leading voices in the fight against Student Debt. After serving as a US Senate panelist on the issue, Daryl launched Revival Inc., a platform that allows borrowers to buy out and eliminate their debt for the same price that it gets sold to debt collection agencies. To date, Revival Inc. has helped 92 borrowers eliminate over $50,000 in household debt.

Kevin Williams, Research Associate

Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Georgia State University.

Career Highlights:
Kevin is an avid researcher that worked for World 50, a private forum dedicated to enabling C-Suite level executives to gather key insights around pressing business challenges. After serving two years in consultative research, he pivoted to an operations-focused role to cultivate skills to better streamline research efforts. Kevin is passionate about the ever-changing innovations in the venture capital space and connecting entrepreneurs to funding opportunities through tactful, evidence based research.

Marketing and Communications

We’ve also created a dedicated team to tell the story of our work. Recent Atlanta transplant, Katie Mullins, stepped in as the interim Chief Marketing Officer to implement an innovative framework to support an integrated communications strategy. Dylan Harper, coming from Atlanta CEO Council, became our Marketing Manager to focus on the day-to-day execution of strategy across social media, email, and our website. To round out the team, the amazingly talented Jessica Lopez will usher in the next generation of Goodie Nation’s brand through creative direction

Katie Mullins, Interim Chief Marketing Officer

Master’s degree, Interactive Media, Elon University
Bachelor’s degree, International Studies & Spanish, Denison University

Career highlights:
For the last 10+ years, Katie has led strategic communications, marketing and fundraising initiatives and teams for International and US-based nonprofits. In April 2021, she moved to Atlanta to continue her work with Atlanta-based nonprofits and thought leaders, as well as co-found IT ALL Media, a modern media company dedicated to empowering women. Katie is passionate about creating positive social impact and meaningful connections via communications strategy, storytelling and advocacy.

Dylan Harper, Marketing Manager

Bachelor’s degree, Business Administration, Oglethorpe University

Career Highlights:
Dylan specializes in executing digital marketing and content content creation strategies for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and startups. His broad knowledge in marketing and deep passion for entrepreneurship uniquely positioned him to found Forge Marketing Group, a marketing company that works alongside local businesses to grow their digital presence.

Jessica Lopez, Creative Director

BFA, Art and Design, Miami International University of Art and Design

Career Highlights:
Jessica brings 8+ years of agency experience, Branding and Cross-platform design led by strategic thinking. After moving to Atlanta in 2016 she’s been extremely involved in the startup ecosystem working closely with companies like Goodr. Jessica’s mission is to give startups and small businesses access to thoughtful design solutions that position them on top.

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