What Founders in Our Community are Prioritizing in 2022

With over 290 diverse founders and social entrepreneurs in the Goodie Nation community, we have the privilege of engaging with super talented and driven individuals while helping them grow into better leaders, professionals, and most important – people. 

A perk of our community is that we can gauge the pulse of diverse founders and social entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem by identifying common themes, trends, and sentiments shared among the founders.

We’ve noticed that as founders are opening and closing rounds ranging from Seed to Series A, proper goal setting has become critical. 

Our Goodie Nation team members work with founders on a weekly basis through group huddles and 1-on-1s, so they have been well aware of the founders’ goals coming into the new year. 

As 2021 faded and 2022 took shape, commonalities began to emerge as founders started to prioritize goals and milestones. 

We found that all their goals point towards growth and velocity, and the path towards achieving them is rooted in building relationships. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the common goals founders are prioritizing and what they’re saying about them. 


Developing Partnerships

Strategic partnerships can mean rapid growth for a startup if the founder is deliberate about who they’re partnering with. 

Founders said successful partnerships would mean accelerated user acquisition, cheaper customer acquisition costs, market penetration, and increased revenue. 

With founders representing different industries including healthcare tech, workplace tech, education, culture, climate tech, cybersecurity, and etc; the list of prospective partners is endless. 

If you’re a decision maker at an organization and are interested in helping founders possibly partner with your organization, join the Goodie Nation community as an expert so you can help founders reach their partnership goals!

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Growing Teams

From the 1st hire to the 150th hire, building a strong team is vital when scaling a startup. 

An overwhelming number of founders at all stages in the Goodie Nation community are searching for new talent to add to their teams. 

Some founders are looking for employees such as sales representatives and developers while others are searching for talent to fill leadership roles including CFOs and COOs. 

If you are interested in working for a startup or know people who want to work at a startup, contact us, and we can share your information with the founders in our community!


Securing Enterprise Contracts

Getting enterprise contracts can be an extensive and often daunting task for founders, but it often leads to the consistent revenue needed to scale. 

Many later stage startup founders in our community are working on securing contracts with large companies to ensure revenue and to hit necessary milestones for future investment rounds. 

If you have startup or corporate experience in securing enterprise contracts, join the Goodie Nation community as an expert, so you can help founders navigate the process of finding and closing enterprise contracts!

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Refining Sales Processes

The sales pipeline is often the lifeblood for many B2B startups, and this holds true for many B2B founders in the Goodie Nation community. 

Several founders said sharpening their sales process will help them hit sales and ultimately, revenue goals. 

As founders sure-up use cases and refine their target segments, they’re placing more priority on defining each step in the sales cycle while determining the right sales activities for each step. 

Founders have also set goals around improving the efficiency and yields of their processes by implementing automations, better talent, and customized sales collateral. ‘

If you have experience in sales and/or marketing experience, and want to help out founders, join the Goodie Nation community as an expert! As an expert, you can help founders in our community by answering questions and providing advice about sales. 

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Closing Remarks

Judging from the amount of hustle founders put into January, we can tell that founders are going to make amazing progress this year.

If you want to help founders reach their goals by offering advice, connecting them to your network, or answering questions, consider signing up to be an expert in our community. Click here to learn more about what it means to be an expert and to apply!

Special thanks to the founders who shared their thoughts on goals and priorities for 2022:

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