Founder Win: Osinachi Ukomadu is on a Mission to Bring People Together with E-Commerce

Founder Win: Osinachi Ukomadu is on a Mission to Bring People Together with E-Commerce

Osinachi Ukomadu is shaking up the world of e-commerce and making the impossible, possible. As the founder and CEO of Heroshe, he’s leading the charge to bridge the gap between Africa and the US, breaking down borders and creating new opportunities for people on both sides of the ocean.

Through Heroshe’s innovative cross-border e-commerce platform, Ukomadu is making it easier than ever for people in Africa to access the products they love from retailers in the US, bringing the world closer together, one click at a time.

“Heroshe was born out of problems that family members who live in Nigeria had been having while shopping online from US shops. They would often run into challenges buying from stores and having those items shipped to them,” explains Osinachi. “So they had two primary challenges. One was shipping internationally, and the other was being able to pay for it. And that’s where we came in.”

Ukomadu envisions Heroshe becoming the go-to partner for anyone looking to access the US market and other markets around the world.

“What we’re building is a capability to have a platform that customers can connect to and source, have embedded logistics and eventually financing to enable them to access any supply from anywhere. It will be the go-to place to search for goods and have those goods delivered to them easily and affordably,” says Osinachi.

Heroshe’s big-picture vision has already garnered recognition and accolades. The company was selected to participate in the AWS Impact Accelerator program, where they got to spend time with 24 other founders and learn from the intelligence and passion of their peers. “Being in the ecosystem of AWS, being a part of Amazon, that was so much to learn and gave us access to some of the most amazing people at Amazon and the technology they have. That was such a huge, huge win for us as a company,” says Osinachi. More recently, Heroshe was accepted into the Lighthouse Labs Accelerator program, which is a testament to the company’s impressive progress.

Running a cross-border e-commerce platform is not without its challenges, but Osinachi and his team at Heroshe have been able to overcome them through hard work and determination.

“Getting into operations is quite hectic because we have to deal with automation, logistics between two continents, how to move goods between Africa and the US, and all the vagaries that compliance with the TSA, DHS, customs, etc. brings. It was quite challenging, but the beautiful thing about it was once we figured it out, we figured it out. Now it’s just more of making sure we’re keeping up with the compliance,” explains Ukomadu.

Heroshe’s impact has not gone unnoticed by the investment community either. “Being a part of Goodie Nation is a huge win for us. Goodie Nation provides the support and resources we need to scale our impact-driven business, and it’s great to be a part of a community of entrepreneurs who are creating impact, creating jobs, and solving social and environmental problems,” says Ukomadu.

The founder’s journey can be tough and lonely, and Ukomadu is grateful for the support and community that Goodie Nation provides. Still, Ukomadu, admits, the journey may not be for everybody. “if you don’t enjoy a long and arduous journey, you’re not in the right place. So you have to be a person that enjoys the journey more than the destination and the journey excites you.” Ukomadu is here for it. He enjoys the ups and downs and everything in between. He gets up excited every day to build Heroshe into the company he knows it can be.

And with Ukomadu at the helm, we have no doubt that Heroshe will be a success.