Goodie Nation Partners with Fulcrum Equity Partners for Financial and Resource Support

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Fulcrum Equity Partners, a leading growth equity firm headquartered in Atlanta, to accelerate our work to help fill the funding gap for diverse-led (Black, Latinx, or Women) startups and social impact startups. Fulcrum Equity Partners is providing funding and will be donating their time and expertise to the founders in our Intentionally Good Project mentorship program.

“Goodie Nation has a phenomenal program that address an urgent need in our entrepreneurial community,” says Jeff Muir, Partner at Fulcrum. “Our goal is to help them in their mission of closing the disparity between historically underfunded and underrepresented communities in Atlanta and beyond.”

Our development of tech talent pairs well with Fulcrum’s rich experience with funding and growing profitable technology companies and is a step forward into creating a more equitable future for founders of all backgrounds. We’re creating a culture where every innovative company supports promising diverse founders and social entrepreneurs.

This is tech done right.