Goodie Nation and Google for Startups Announce Black Founders Fund II Recipients

In June, we announced a second partnership with Google For Startups for the Black Founders Fund to distribute $5 million in non-dilutive financial capital and provide additional support to the most promising Black-led startups selected by Google

Today, 50 founders have been announced as recipients!

We’re proud to have these startups from all over the country join our Intentionally Good program — bringing the number of founders in our community to over 300!

The recipients join 76 recipients from last year in receiving $100K in non-dilutive capital.

In addition to the non-dilutive capital, recipients of the fund receive wrap-around services from Goodie Nation, Google for Startups, and other affiliates:

  • Support from Goodie Nation in the form of...
    • Founder Network Connections
    • Accountability Group Sessions
    • Warm Introductions to Corporate Innovators and Investors
    • Founders’ Therapy
    • Accountability Partners
    • 1:1 Connections to Advisors Based on Need
    • Professional Development Sessions
  • Support from Google Teams in the Form of…
    • Ad Grants ($5K – $10k/month)
    • Ads and Media Support
    • Cross Platform Ads Strategy
    • Up to $100K in Cloud Credits
    • Mentorship Programs
    • PR Support and Coaching
    • Storytelling Opportunities
    • Google Workshops
  • Support from Additional Affiliates in the Form of…
    • Coaching and Therapy from CWC Therapy
    • Fundraising Support from Investor-in-Residence, Tony Wilkins

Combining non-dilutive financial capital with social capital has the potential to change the trajectory of black entrepreneurship in this country. This is what it means to be Intentionally Good. This is #techdoneright.


This year’s recipients span across the country and represent several different industries. 

What’s more exciting is that 18 percent of Fund II recipients were nominated by former recipients in our community, and 20 percent of founders joined the Goodie Nation community before being selected!  

We want to provide as much value to these Fund II recipients as we possibly can, and a great way to do that is to connect these founders with our excellent network! If you’d like to continue closing the relationship gap by helping these founders, click the button below to get started today.


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