Goodie Nation Now Accepts Crypto Donations!

We are thrilled to announce that Goodie Nation is now accepting cryptocurrency donations to help support our mission of close the Relationship Gap for diverse founders and social entrepreneurs, thanks to our partners at

“At Goodie Nation, we make sure the founders in our program are at the forefront of innovation – essentially ahead of/with the curve instead of behind it. That’s why we’re so excited to partner with in modernizing our fundraising capabilities. Accepting cryptocurrency donations opens up  amazing possibilities for us now and in the future,” says Goodie Nation Founder and CEO Joey Womack.

Cryptocurrency has quickly risen in popularity, with over 300 million users worldwide and an estimated 2 trillion dollars in value now circulating as digital currency. With social and economic confidence in cryptocurrency increasing alongside the needs of our growing organization, we decided it was time to harness the latest technology to bring our nonprofit vision to life. We accept over 130 cryptocurrencies, and crypto donations will be immediately converted to cash, removing any risks of crypto market volatility from negatively impacting your generosity. This means you’ll have more options for how to give safely and securely, and we’ll be able to fulfill our promise to diverse founders and social entrepreneurs more than ever before. 

Through the end of the year, we’re raising $50,000 in cryptocurrency to support 100 tech-focused diverse founders and social entrepreneurs that are at the beginning of their startup journey. These startups have a product, but have less than $100,000 in revenue – meaning they’ve made progress, but still have a ton of potential. And they need the most help. At Goodie Nation, we call them Next Generation founders.