Innovations in the Culture Industry: What Our Founders are Doing!

We’ve noticed that a large number of diverse founders who join the Goodie Nation community are solving problems in the same handful of industries. 

When Google for Startups announced this year’s (2021) Black Founders Fund recipients, it further validated our observations. 

Though diverse founders are building startups in several industries, the majority are creating solutions that impact health, culture, education, and the workplace.

It’s not a surprise that diverse founders gravitate towards these industries after remembering that founders solve problems they encounter in their daily lives. 

Imperfections in these industries contribute to a large portion of the hurdles diverse communities must overcome as they work towards acquiring more equitable footing in the United States. 

This blog post will take a closer look at some of the common areas where diverse founders are transforming the industry that is culture. But before diving deeper into what the founders are building, we’ll build context around what we mean by culture.


The Culture Industry and Its Importance

Our definition of culture includes music, media, events, gaming, sports, entertainment, fashion, consumer goods, and more. It’s important that diverse founders are adding their mark to the culture space because it affects so much of our day-to-day life. More importantly, it influences how we view ourselves and how children see themselves. 

Adding representation in this industry is a step toward building a world that truly reflects its population. That being said, let’s look at what some of the founders in our community are doing in the culture industry. 


Events and Streaming

Nothing speaks more to culture than events that bring people together to exchange thoughts, ideas, interests, and stories. 

These diverse founders are connecting people in ways that help us reimagine live events while also improving accessibility and inclusion:

    • FanFest Co-Founder Adam Jones offers a platform for large creators to host live shows with fans where they can invite guests, sell products, and stream to any social media channel. 
    • Geocloud Co-Founder Abiodun Johnson enables community organizers, business owners and anyone else to discover and interact with the people and things around them by leveraging location data.
    • BingeWave Founder Devin Dixon provides an API that reduces the time and cost of building metaverse apps (e.g. interactive livestreaming, 2D, and 3D augmented reality) by 75%.
    • TheClub Founder Darrel Frater provides a live streaming app for partygoers to find and enjoy DJs as well as virtual parties.


Fashion and Consumer Goods

Clothing and other goods often help people express their identity and connect with others. These founders are helping shape fashion and consumer goods in ways that represent and resonate with diverse people:

    • Tradeblock Co-Founder Mbiyimoh Ghogomu enables sneaker collectors to connect, explore, and trade shoes with one another safely and securely through a social marketplace. 
    • Laine London Co-Founder Lundyn Carter owns and operates a wedding dress rental company that removes the financial, emotional, and social burdens of ownership.


Audio and Music

Sound has always been a way of bringing people together whether it’s music, radio shows, social media, or podcasts. 

As audio-based media and platforms gain popularity, people are starting to value the intimacy and authenticity audio provides. These founders are improving the ways people create audio and music:

    • PodPal Founder Aaron Woods offers a podcast management tool that helps podcast teams plan, publish, and promote shows without the stress and clutter.
    • nēdl Founder Ayinde Alakoye – democratizes access to information and the microphone by giving people their own live, call-in radio show that transcribes, amplifies, and monetizes their words in real time.
    • Deepr® Founder Austin Webster allows artists, writers, producers, engineers, and those behind the music to have a place to be heard, seen, and discovered.


Esports and Gaming

It’s an understatement to say that esports and gaming represent a huge market. Unfortunately, careers in esports and gaming historically haven’t been held by diverse people, but founders are starting to change that. These ambitious founders are introducing diversity into esports and gaming: 

    • XR Sports Group Founder Kedreon Cole provides personalized media platforms for influencers powered by social competitions and mobile games. 


Meet Our Founders in the Culture Industry

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