Innovations in the Health Industry: What Our Founders are Doing!

We’ve noticed that a large number of diverse founders who join the Goodie Nation community are solving problems in the same handful of industries. 

When Google for Startups announced this year’s (2021) Black Founders Fund recipients, it further validated our observations. 

Though diverse founders are building startups in several industries, the majority are creating solutions that impact health, culture, education, and the workplace.

It’s not a surprise that diverse founders gravitate towards these industries after remembering that founders solve problems they encounter in their daily lives. 

Imperfections in these industries contribute to a large portion of the hurdles diverse communities must overcome as they work towards acquiring more equitable footing in the United States. 

This blog post will take a closer look at some of the common areas where diverse founders are transforming the health industry. 


Remote Healthcare and Wellness

Access to healthcare is a critical problem in diverse communities, so every effort to bring healthcare to the home is a step toward improving the lives of those living in minority communities. 

These founders are leading innovations that are shaping the future of remote healthcare and wellness:

    • SynsorMed Co-Founder Theo Harvey provides a digital health platform that automates remote care for healthcare organizations.
    • CourMed Founder Derrick Miles offers innovative concierge delivery services that transport goods from healthcare providers to patients’ homes and offices. 
    • MedTrans Go Founder Dana Weeks equips medical facilities with medical transportation, interpretation, telemedicine, and Rx delivery for their patients.


Smart Tech and Devices

Engineering groundbreaking health technologies is no simple task, so to see it being done by diverse entrepreneurs is an inspiration to young and aspiring diverse founders, engineers, and innovators. 

Take a look at these two founders who are creating the unimaginable:

    • EyeGage Founder LaVonda Brown is creating intelligent mobile eye scanning tech to decrease impaired driving and improve road safety by letting drivers easily check drug and alcohol levels before driving.
    • Thermaband Founder Debbie Dickinson is building a wearable band that provides heating and cooling on demand with digital insights.


Access and Inclusion for the Underrepresented

In the health industry large populations of people are often unheard, unnoticed, and underrepresented. This is due to several factors including a lack of infrastructure, short-sighted planning, and low awareness. 

These founders are building solutions to mitigate those factors while increasing access to the resources certain populations need:

    • Meetcaregivers Founder Florence Furaha provides an innovative marketplace for senior care that connects seniors with the best caregivers, care products, and technology tools. 
    • Promenade Founder JT Liddell offers an online app that matches and connects military veterans to the resources that matter during their post-military career.
    • Acclinate Co-Founder Del Smith is increasing diverse representation in medical research and development by integrating culture and technology to source diverse participants for clinical trials. 


Hope for the Health Industry

We’re proud to see diverse entrepreneurs transforming health because they are ultimately influencing the trajectory of the industry in ways that will improve the standard of living for all. 

We will continue to put forth our best effort in supporting these founders in any way we can.

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