Innovations in the Education Industry: What Our Founders are Doing!

We’ve noticed that a large number of diverse founders who join the Goodie Nation community are solving problems in the same handful of industries. 

When Google for Startups announced this year’s (2021) Black Founders Fund recipients, it further validated our observations. 

Though diverse founders are building startups in several industries, the majority are creating solutions that impact health, culture, education, and the workplace.

It’s not a surprise that diverse founders gravitate towards these industries after remembering that founders solve problems they encounter in their daily lives. 

Imperfections in these industries contribute to a large portion of the hurdles diverse communities must overcome as they work towards acquiring more equitable footing in the United States. 

This blog post will take a closer look at some of the common areas where diverse founders are transforming the education industry. 


Learning and Development

Founders are finding ways to make the learning experience more effective for students and the teaching process more efficient for educators. 

By leveraging technology to drive better learning outcomes while using less resources, diverse founders are building the pieces needed to deliver quality education to youth in communities where resources are scarce. 

These founders are shaping the future of teaching:

    • Boddle Learning Co-Founder Edna Martinson integrates classroom technology and education with real 3D games to make online learning fun and personalized for students while saving teachers time.
    • Blue Co-Founder Kelley Cambry offers live and on-demand STEM classes for Pre K through 12th grade students while leveraging automation, synthetic media, and game design principles to efficiently create the learning material.
    • LiftEd Co-Founder Andrew Hill equips educators, school-based clinicians, administrators, and parents with software and evidence-based data collection tools to help students with learning disabilities achieve academic success.
    • PlaBook Founder Philip Hickman uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and speech recognition to help children learn how to read.


Higher Education

It’s no secret that earning a degree is a big step toward a good career. With that in mind, these founders are reducing the factors that lead to college dropout and increasing the future career opportunities that are available for students:

    • BestFit Co-Founder Asha Owens helps students struggling to afford college quickly find options for room and board, financial aid, and other needed resources, so they can focus on earning their degree. 
    • GABA Founder Candice Blacknall matches students pursuing healthcare careers with study tools, tutors, mentors, and coaches based on their learning preference and desired career. 


Institution Support

When considering ways to improve the education industry, many people immediately think about the student. 

Though students are the main beneficiaries of education innovations, solving problems for the institutions that teach them is also a means for enhancing the student experience. 

These founders have taken on that philosophy and are delivering solutions to schools, so they can better serve students’ needs:

    • Safer Management Founder Fredrick Burns helps public school districts and colleges receive adequate federal funding that is based on average daily student attendance by equipping them with necessary attendance software.  
    • Shamrck Founder Sheffie Robinson uses artificial intelligence to help schools make evidence-based decisions when counseling students about career choices and technical education.


Hope for the Education Industry

We’re proud to see diverse entrepreneurs solve problems in education because they are ultimately influencing the trajectory of the industry in ways that will improve the standard of education for diverse students. 

We will continue to put forth our best effort in supporting these founders in any way we can.

If you want to join us in supporting diverse founders who are creating solutions in the education industry, the best way to get involved is to get in touch with them!


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